About Us

What is our Mission?
To unite the community of Buddhist monks and nuns from different Buddhist traditions, so that together we create the strong spiritual synergy needed to bring World Peace.
To encourage all people to cultivate compassion and wisdom by engaging in activities beneficial to the community and cultivate inner peace.

What is our Vision?
“United Sangha for World Peace” welcomes everyone to come to share Buddha’s wisdom, knowledge and compassion. The diversed Buddhist traditions will share their different practices but common in the same goal to pray for World Peace.

chan-nguyen-monastery bodhiyana burmese

Who are we?
Chan Nguyen Monastery (Vietnamese Mahayana tradition)
Bilingual Buddhist Association
Bodhiyana Buddhist Education Society (Taiwan Mahayana tradition)
Burmese Buddhist Society (Burmese Theravadin tradition)
Fa Yu Buddhist Monastery (Taiwanese Mahayana Tradition)
Gawa Ling (Tibetan Karma Kagyu tradition)
Mahamevwa Buddha Meditation Society (Sri Lankan Theravadin tradition)
Mai Tor Kok Buddhist Society (Chinese Mahayana tradition)
Metta-yana Buddhist Center (Taiwanese Mahayana tradition)
Palpung Phende Kunkyab Monastery (Tibetan tradition)
Phap Hoa Temple (Vietnamese Mahayana tradition)
San Hui Buddhist Society (Taiwanese Mahayana Pureland tradition)
Surrey Buddhist Centre (Canadian Vajrayana tradition)
Vipassana Bhavana in B.C.
Wat Tepthidaram(Cambodian Theravadin tradition)
Other individual monastics

Total of over 60 monastics